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Placement Agencies
Listing (s) Job Review and Referral  [Reciprocal Link]
Features employee generated ratings and reviews of companies as well as lets anyone post a job opening and apply for jobs free.
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ClickIT Jobs
Located at Chennai, India provides IT related recruitment services for companies in India and overseas by providing information on employment opportunities.
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Genius Consultants Ltd
Offers services in recruitment, corporate training, ISO accreditation, and consulting.
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IT Placements India
Features resume and jobs posting for IT field.
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For India temporary staffing opportunities, get in touch with our premiere temp staffing portal,, with exciting India job openings at lucrative terms.
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Searchable database of IT jobs in India and the option to post jobseeker resumes.
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Naukri 2000
Recruiting and career services for jobs seekers, employers and manpower placement consultants.
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Placement India
Features posting and search of resumes and vacancies. Includes a business classifieds directory.
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IT recruitment company, serving Indian and foreign companies, and Indian jobseekers. Offices in major cities.
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Software Jobs India
Displays a few software related jobs. Features a paid resume posting service.
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