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Seeking Job Effectively With Online Job Search

Saturday, April 25th, 2009

Internet develop more and more, bring to us many convenience of searching a job online. You just need a connected computer. Then you can seat at your home and search hundreds of job online over the world.

Online job search that involves going directly to company internet sites is a good way to introduce yourself to the company in which you think you might be interested. Typically, companies are eager to present themselves to the public online so they will have complete descriptions of their business philosophy, the services, supplies or products they promote, and a section for job hunters in which they post job openings. Generally, you can identify, through various search options, the jobs which might be appropriate for your skills and abilities. Many systems allow you to apply for specific jobs online through a system where you would complete an application and upload your resume. It will be transmitted to the Human Resources Department or function responsible for resume assessment.

Once you have completed a company’s application process, you will then become part of their database for a period of time. Some systems search their databases automatically when new jobs are posted. If your resume matches any of the job requirements, you’ll get a notice and opportunity to apply for the job online.

Over the last few years, independent online job search functionalities have become prevalent on the internet. Newspapers, local services and worldwide online job search databases are easy to find … simply type “job search” into your browser’s search engine. Some sites have more extensive functionality than others. The better sites have direct links into the participating company job search engines. For companies that don’t have internal job posting engines, the job search sites will forward applications and/or resumes on your behalf.

The advantage of these online job search functionalities is that they give you access to an extensive database of job opportunities across the country. You can search by state and city, and view everything that is posted. The more sophisticated sites also allow you to narrow your search by job category, name or position level. Some allow you to specify a company name and search nationwide for job opportunities within that specific company. This online functionality puts many position descriptions in front of you quickly. You can apply for them immediately, or on the more expansive sites, you can put them in a “save” or “watch” category so you can think about it and apply at a later date.

Other sites have extensive functionality to help job searchers including:

· Search by date posted
· Job profiles you can set up that alert you to jobs being posted that fit your skills
· Resume posting on the job search site where employers can search resumes that match their requirements
· Salary calculators
· Career resource links that provide services such as, coaching, education, interview tips, financial advice, etc.
· Career fair information
· Resume critique
· Video resume posting

Not all job search sites are created equal … it’s very important to make sure you thoroughly check out the site you want to use. Look for endorsements, privacy and security statements, and full disclosure about company ownership and business practices. Many online sites require you to purchase a membership, but the fees are not excessive and most have varying levels so you can pick one that suits your needs and your budget.

A limitation of online job search is it can’t put you in physical contact with a potential hiring company because most do not allow any contact outside the
online service. But its advantage is applying for a limitless number of jobs, in any category may outweigh the lack of personal contact. And your resume can reviewed by more  greater number of potential employers  than when you used a single employment agency or recruiter.

Guides To Prepare A Excellent Resume

Saturday, April 25th, 2009

Are you looking for a new job? Starting with preparation of a excellent resume. Because resume is not just a piece of paper that gives the employer some information about yourself, but rather something that will set you apart from the others applying for the same position. You can find a resume writing sample online or in many different books. But, making diffirence for yourself with these guides.

One thing that we see over and over again in resumes is an overload of information. There are many resume writers that think quantity will impress people over quality. They are dead wrong. Employers are busy people, and don’t have all day to dig through a mountain of information. So keep it informative, but to the point. Don’t add things in there that aren’t relevant to the job. In other words, don’t list that you like pets when you’re applying for a job as a web designer. In keeping with the “to the point” rule, keep your resume to one page. They shouldn’t have to flip a page over to see what they are looking for. This is a waste of their time.

So what should you include on your resume?

– Your name and other information on how to reach you. It’s kind of pointless handing in a resume if they can’t get back to you. :)

– Your Objective. There are quite often other positions to fill, so make sure to specify what you are applying for.

– Training and Education. List your training and education with the most recent being on top. List only what is related to the job. Make sure to list any side classes you took that could be related to the job.

– Experience. Make sure once again that you are showing quality, and not quantity. If you are really weak in the experience area, still be careful as to not make it seem like you are just trying to fill in some space.

Although you want to keep a resume to one page, you must not do so by using a font that is difficult to read because it is too small. I find that a font size of 12 or so does the trick. Anything smaller than a point size of 11 is pushing it, and might make it hard to read. This is especially the case if the employer is older. One test to see if the font is too small is to ask a parent to read it. If they have to squint or move the resume back and forth until they find a good
reading distance, you might have something that is challenging to read. Fonts that you might want to use are Times New Roman, Arial, Garamond, Bookman, or Helvetica. These are easier to read, and can be found pretty much on any computer. Don’t bother with crazy script fonts or other fun looking fonts. You want to make sure your resume reflects professionalism and structure, not a casual direction or feel.

Make sure that your resume has room to breathe. Don’t clutter and squeeze things in just to fit them in. Adding some space creates a nice visual organization that breaks down the page into more manageable pockets of information, and makes it easier for an employer to find what they are looking for. It’s very hard scanning through information when it’s all squished together. So keep it nicely spaced.

When you are ready to finally print this resume, make sure not to get cheap on the paper it’s printed on, or the way it is printed. Use a laser printer when printing your resume up, and make sure it’s on crisp thicker stock paper that doesn’t have any blemishes or folds. Make sure to have at least 20lb stock. Outputting to a laser printer will ensure the darkest text, and that it won’t bleed or smear. Inkjets just don’t cut it for this task.

In the end, make sure you keep it simple and to the point. Don’t add what you don’t need to for the sake of making you look busy or important. Just add what is necessary to reflect the important aspects that will make yourself a good fit for that company. Give the resume room to breathe, and don’t skimp out on the printing process.

The first impression is very important. And your first impression is your resume that you present it while applying for your dream job. So, preparing a impressive resume can bring to you a lot of excited things, specific a good job.