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When Is The Best Time To Change Career?

Monday, September 28th, 2015

People change careers for a variety of reasons. To mention a few, potential financial difficulties with the employer, culture change in the company, and poor communications are the most common reasons that motivate people to change course. However, when is really the best time to change career?

When answering this question, you need to be systematic. Aside from the issues you are facing with your current career, also think about your age and the situation. Discuss your dilemma with your friends and family or talk with a career expert. It is important that changing career must be on perfect timing to avoid further financial difficulties and regrets.

Listed below are some ideas that will help you know when it is good and not to change career.

– Consider your financial status – Take some time to assess your assets and liabilities, including your monthly cash flow. Make sure that you do not have credit and loans that are paid through salary deduction. Check your savings and pocket allowance. If your monthly pay slip is clean and you have saved enough to provide your needs while you are moving to the next job, then you are half way good to go. However, do not resign yet if you have an incoming bonus. Vacations like summer and winter can be best to look for a better job while you are still working on your current job. Once you found a better one, it can be the best time to submit your resignation.

– Consider consequences of quitting your current job – Do not quit your job if your only reason is having social issues with your colleagues at work or with your employer. Changing career can take time and it might leave empty handed. However if you are not comfortable anymore, be patient until you find an alternative job that you know you can be comfortable. That job could have higher pay and more comfortable workplace environment. It is best to change career if you already have found another one, which is better than your current job.

– Consider your age – Age does matter when looking for job opportunities. Some jobs have age requirements. Author Susan Crandell says that changing career upon hitting middle age could already be far from easy. According to statistics, the average number of times that people change career is 3. When changing career it would be best if you decide earlier. Do not wait until you turn 40 before opting to what you really want in life. With the more demanding work industry today, employers prefer younger applicants.

– Asses the advantage of your newly chosen career – Does it pay well? What are its benefits? Will it affect you positively if you shift to another career? If your newly found career is way better than your current job, such that it allows you to be on the move and enjoy the type of freedom that you desire, then there is no reason for you to hold back.

Why IT Recruiters Are Better Than Job Fairs

Monday, September 28th, 2015

If you have ever held a job fair, you know that it can be expensive and time-consuming. You need to pay for the location where you are going to have it in most instances. You need copies of applications, information about the company, and you need to have printed swag as a way of attracting people to your table.

Particularly when you are at a job fair where there are many other companies, you have to compete to get the best of the best to where you are. This means having a better booth and more €stuff€ to hand out – and this all comes at a cost. IT recruiters can work in a more effective way for you.

By using IT recruiters, you never have to hold another job fair again. You won’t have to waste your time sitting around, collecting resumes, and answering questions about your business. Instead, you can proceed with business as usual while a recruiter works behind the scenes to find the people that you need.

The recruiter is going to do all the work, including finding the people and conducting the interviews. This way you can save your HR budget for more important things, like training your employees instead of buying pens for people to be lured to your job fair booth.
You also don’t have to worry about taking impeccable notes. If you ever had a great conversation with someone, took their resume, and then couldn’t find it once you got back to the office, you know the frustrations that can come from job fairs. There is simply too much going on and the chaos can cause you to miss out on some very important things.

Instead of trying to remember who you talked with and make piles out of the resumes you do and don’t want to look at further, you can hand the entire responsibility over to IT recruiters. They are in the business because they know what they are doing and they can make short work out of finding you the right person.

They may hold their own job fair or they will post ads or use their own contacts. Regardless of how they come up with the candidates, you won’t have to worry about those details because the recruiter has promised to find someone for you. All you have to do is narrow it down to a single person out of the final resumes that are given to you.

Job fairs are time consuming, expensive, and chaotic. You also don’t want to get into competitions with the other businesses simply because someone has a good resume. It’s best not to create a free for all with your company. There are better ways to find qualified individuals and IT recruiters know these ways.
They can be more affordable than conducting a job fair and it will result in less work for you as well as the ability to find someone faster, allowing you to fill the position and move on with your job.