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The Staffing Process

Tuesday, April 26th, 2016

Staffing – What Does It Mean?

Staffing can be defined simply in the terms of finding the right aspirant/candidate and fitting him/her in the right job.

It takes account of matching of skills and knowledge of the employees with the requirements of the job in question, i.e., job specification or job description. Staffing is the next step – after the recruitment and selection processes are duly carried out (necessarily on the basis of individual performances in various tests, interviews, etc.) – towards proposed hiring.

In a broader scope, it therefore includes forecasting of manpower, strategizing, manpower planning et al, and it may or may not include a host of other recruitment activities as well, which is beyond the general context of this article. It’s also about managing or placing the existing manpower; reallocating and relocating people (resources) as per the need of the companies: their assignments and projects, and other professional duties/tasks included.

The Actual Staffing Job:

Staffing companies make an in-depth study of their clients’ job requirements. (Quite simply of course, the clients/companies are those who are on a look out for filling up their open positions for human resources – HR). In point of view of the businesses itself and understanding the business culture before inviting job seeking candidates/aspirants, interviewing them, running background checks and checking all valid references, and finally presenting to the concerned companies the aspirants/candidates/job seekers that staffing companies think are the best. Additionally, the final decision lies with the client company for whom the staffing company is hiring for.

In this regard, the temporary staffing group establishes a “co-employment relationship” with clients and takes responsibility for all compliance issues, HR issues and even administrative issues of employees selected for the company assignments. The permanent staffing group undertakes turn-key and recruitment mandates for permanent fulfillment of the open positions. As a liquidity provider for the client companies, Staffing companies evidently enable better matching of demand-and-supply equations to the labor markets.

The Staffing Process/Review:

Staffing companies can quickly provide to companies with candidates/professionals on any of the aspects as mentioned in the following:

  • Contract
  • Contract-to-hire
  • Direct hire basis

The rigorous interview process of the recruitment makes the intended solutions effective. Throughout the business relationship with the clients/customers, Staffing companies set-up various resources to learn and understand the business environment, products, services, and staffing needs. The fact that integrating the hired professionals into the client operations saves time and money while providing superior results concomitantly.

The important aspect of working out the basic staffing undertaking is that the Staffing companies work directly with client companies to immediately get clarifications on each and every candidate’s professional/job expectations; considering every detail: from skill sets description to the elucidation of the personality traits.

Reviewing a multitude of databases, networks and contacts to tracking down the top prospects for the projects, Staffing organizations take responsibility on.

In Conclusion:

Conducting technical assessment interviews, testing, background checks, and even drug screenings based on the requirements, Staffing companies identify the best match for the specified position. Therefore, solutions can be provided that are:

  • Flexible
  • 100% customized and client focused
  • Developed by industry experts
  • Immediate
  • Cost-effective

The idea of providing flawless matches between client companies and the job professionals allows this technical dealing a guaranteed remedy, which can not only be better and cheaper, but also grant faster solutions to all staffing expectations. To sum up, I.T. Staffing firms can in point of fact help cut costs in a downturn economy.

Benefits Of Using An Executive Search Firm

Tuesday, April 26th, 2016

The name as it indicates is an agency which helps companies to find suitable candidates for position of executives. Every year there are lots of requirements for executives, in various organizations. But the task of hiring becomes more difficult if the company directly tries to search for candidates through a traditional advertisement medium. The executive position is a highly responsible position, which cannot be risked with incompetent people.

Executive firms are recruitment services that are well known for expertise in finding executives. They take all your headaches of recruitment and provide the best person for the vacant place. Since, they are professionally trained and already equipped with the skills, so they can save lots of time for your company.

The whole cumbersome task of short listing candidates, arranging the venue for the interview and selecting right candidates are taken care by these executive search firms. They have the competency to choose the perfect person from hundreds of applications.

There are so many benefits to hiring such companies for the purpose. Here are some interesting details of such services.

Fixed Charges Executive Search-

In this type of search setup, the company offloads the executive recruitment work to the executive search company. These firms charge a fixed percentile of the selected candidate’s annual salary.Usually it is paid in three installments. This is one of the most popular formats of hiring such recruitment agencies.

Advance Charges Executive Search –

In this type of set up, the company has to pay the executive search firm in advance as recruitment charges. But here there is a slight difference between fixed charges model. The fees are refundable if the firm fails to provide the suitable person for the post. This is a safe way to try the new agencies in the market.

Reliant Executive Search-

This set up is totally different from above too. The search firms start receiving 20% of annual salary once the selected candidate is finalized. This is not a one time fee. It is a recurring income for such firms. The fee is paid by hiring company not by the candidates. Executive search firms are the professional services suitable for all types of business houses.

They have qualified staff and high class customer service. The most important thing is the time and engagement of companies for the purpose, which can be saved easily by hiring third party at very low cost. They can provide custom searches as per your needs. So, next time when you require an executive for your company then does not hesitate to contact one of them.