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Employee Personality Assessment

Monday, January 4th, 2010

Most of the companies still use traditional methods of hiring such as, interviews, resume reviews, background screening, etc. HR professionals still follow the several, decades old pattern of personality assessments but in a quicker and efficient way, which will yield accurate results. Employee assessments tools are extremely beneficial in realizing the results are quantifiable and go a long way in ascertaining the work style and behavioral attributes of potential employees before they set foot into your company. In-fact they take out the guesswork involved in recruiting the employees who can work together.

Suppose you have shortlisted two candidates for a job. Both of them are well qualified and possess all the technical expertise needed for the job. Whom will you choose to fill up the vacancy? Personality assessment tests will help you to ascertain their non-technical qualities through a series of questions and enable you to judge the work style of a person, ability to work in a team, judgment power and goal orientation.

The major benefit of the assessment tools is not confined to the hiring process, but also used as an effective tool of employee retention. The assessment tool will identify the gap between employee work style and job needs. They provide you a road map for recruitment of prospective employees and the further development of essential traits such as, leadership ability, individual development, team communications and conflict resolution. It will also help the employees to make better, satisfying and successful career choices.

Nowadays, employee personality assessment tool is absolutely tailor made for clients to choose the types of behaviors that are most significant for their particular jobs and work culture of the organization. More and more companies are using these tests to hire skilled and reliable employees. Use Pro.file pre employment and employee personality assessment tests to improve organizational performance. Assess and align staff behavior to achieve optimal performance!

Pro.file Performance Systemâ„¢ is a world class behavioral assessment and development technology designed to help build high performance organizations. Through a combination of insightful executive education, proprietary assessment technology and experienced consulting input, they help organizations to more effectively and consistently recruit, retain, develop and manage their human resources. By aligning an individual’s natural thinking, behaviors and motivation to your specific positions and organizational culture, a higher level of performance, productivity and positive morale results.